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Miranda Coker, or known as Pixiedust423, is a beauty and unboxing channel. She is the wife of BereghostGames, or known as Mike Coker. She mainly does reviews on products she tests.


Therealpixiedust423 was created on March 25th, 2012. She has over 50,000 subscribers, almost 100 videos, and make a few dollars every day off of ad revenue. She used to do gaming on her channel, up until March 18th, 2016. That's when she annouced she will cancel gaming on her channel and would instead do unboxing videos. Her gaming videos are basically FGN videos from her husband's channel (BereghostGames), but from her point of view. When she does make-up reviews, she sometimes uses Brianna as another product tester.

Types of unboxings

  • Toys
  • Make-up
  • Collectibles
  • As Seen on TV 
  • Beauty products