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Dale Winslow (born December 16, 1994) is the American host and owner of the "informative and thought-provoking" YouTube channel Think Fact.

Dale produces videos that focus around anthropological understandings that involve biology, linguistics, culture, civilization, and occasionally philosophy. On rare occasions he also makes videos titled "10 Interesting Facts That Almost Nobody Knows" where he lists interesting obscure information that he has come across in researching information for his other videos.

Before Think Fact

Dale comes from a small town in northern Maine. He found enjoyment in video games and history as a child where he developed a love for learning about as much context and backstory as possible. "Context" is a word he emphasizes on his current videos.

Dale first joined YouTube in 2007, creating a channel in order to contact other YouTubers who produced videos requesting challenges for Super Smash Bros Brawl. This eventually led him into the competitive Pokémon battling side of YouTube which he would produce his first videos over.

He was able to build an audience of about 700 subscribers by early 2010 but would go on to delete all of his videos to avoid potential bullying from a student who found his content.

Dale never jumped back into the video game side of YouTube but went on to make YouTube channels with a group of friends producing skits. This lasted from late 2010 all the way to early 2013. After taking close to a year off, Dale created his last and current channel wanting to talk about facts.

 The Factoid

Prior to the current name Think Fact, the YouTube channel was called "The Factoid" due to Dale's videos mainly consisting of him listing facts out, but due to the nature of investigating context he found himself elaborating more and more over the facts making the videos less trivial and more widely informative.

By August 2014 he officially change the name from "The Factoid" to "Think Fact."

 Think Fact

The name "Think Fact" came from the same two letters of "The Factoid" in order to not confuses the then audience of about 6,000 people, by allowing him to keep his signature logo which had a "TF".

Dale's videos ended up developing in complexity focusing in on trying to give his audience ideas and information they may have never considered. Giving facts to make people think. He likes to consider himself distinct from a regular educator because he's not so much trying to teach people as he is trying to enlighten them on different perspectives.

As previously mentioned, most of his videos focus in on anthropological topics, and more commonly linguistics with many of his videos investigating the limitations and context behind it. Specifically when it comes to terminology within the English language and how they can shape human perspectives.