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Juliette "Dottie" James (born March 21, 1996 (1996-03-21) [age 20]) is an English YouTuber known for producing "whimsical" content and interesting vlogs on her channel thisbedottie.

Personal life

Dottie is currently in a relationship with Patty Walters, former YouTuber and lead singer in As It Is. Her YouTube friendship group includes doddleoddle, musicalbethan, and many more.


Dottie James was born and raised in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, and attended Linton Village College as a teenager. In 2010, her best friend Jessica Gower passed away when the girls were 14 after a 16-month battle with primary bone cancer.


After creating her channel in the final days of 2012, James began posting videos immediately, though her earliest content and "first video" is now private. She originally began posting videos that she thought would appeal to the majority, but eventually realized that producing content she personally didn't believe in or love wasn't worth it, so she decided to begin posting artsy, whimsical videos that appealed to her. Many of James' videos feature poems she wrote herself.


• "Dottie" is just a family nickname that eventually caught on; she never felt that the name Juliette fit her.

• Dottie is 5'6".

• Dottie is a natural brunette, though she gets her hair dyed frequently to create an ombré effect.

• Her favorite color is blue.

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