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James Filon also known as ThnxCya, is Is a Youtuber known for his Minecraft parody music videos and amazing building skill. He also plays other games rather than Minecraft, like Stardew Valley, Trollface quest, and Gangz beast. His minecraft parodies include, Never let you go, Yandere in the Tittle, and Diamonds in the deep.


In Minecraft, James usually plays custom mod adventure, adventure maps, mod spotlight, Pixelmon, Crazy Craft and command block showcases. He even has his own server,, which is mostly about survival and building. He also plays with other Youtubers including, TheDiamondMinecart (Daniel Middleton) and Thinknoodles (Justin A Watkins) on Crazy Craft and sometimes other things, like gangz beasts or a custom map.


  • Thnxcya used to be partnered with Machinima.
  • Thnxcya currently has over one million Subscribers.
  • He has a minecraft server the IP is
  • James really likes to give people Scottish accents when voice acting.
  • James's head is in three maps, as far as I know, and all of them are Find the Button maps. There is Button Scavenger 2, Find the Button: Unexpected 2, and Find the Button: Unexpected 3.
  • James has a pig named Ronald that he often feature in his mod showcases, and apparently it's full name is Ronald Weasley.
  • James now have a ongoing war with Fancy Lanterns since his Illuminati pet in Crazy Craft always seem to give him that.
  • James also has in any Pixelmon series he has to hail the almighty Derpachu.
  • James can play the guitar.
  • He lives a pug life
  • Thnxcya has a comedic habit of talking to animals, mainly due to his mod spotlights.
  • James likes Dr.Who a lot
  • Basically he calls every pig he meets Ronald
  • When thnxCya uploaded his 5th episode in the Minecraft Pixelmon Trinity series, he set a like goal for 5,000 likes, but the like goal got smashed before the video was a day old.


  • "What is going on guys and girls, my name is James or ThnxCya, and welcome back to ......"(Intro)
  • "Oh my days!"
  • "You sneaky sausages!"
  • "We've been sausaged lads!"
  • "Happy days."
  • "I've got a sneaking suspicion..."
  • "Ronald! Ronald!"
  • "How do you like them lemons?"
  • "All hail the mighty Derpachu!"
  • "Rest in pepperonis."
  • "Easy mode!"
  • "Oh snap."
  • "Oh it was all a setup!"
  • "He missed, Captain, he missed!"
  • "James you fool!" (Sorry)
  • "Rightio!" "Fantastic." "......, Lads!" "...bad boys..." " awful lot."
  • "Illuminati Confirm!"

List of Custom Maps He Played A-Z

  • Alien Isolation
  • Alone and Forsaken
  • Bane Of Ebondale
  • Bane of the Pumpkin Lord
  • Crack In The World
  • Dead World
  • Diversity 2
  • Eleanor's Castle
  • Escapists
  • Escapists 2
  • Exodus 2
  • Exodus Quarantine
  • Facility Fall
  • Find the Button: Unexpected
  • Heart Of Ice
  • Heist
  • Lift 9
  • Lights Out
  • Me And My Robot
  • Mesa Valley
  • Metro Post
  • My Name Is James
  • Planetary Confinement
  • Project Transcendence
  • Redemption
  • Santa Sleigh
  • Satoshis Treasure
  • Silent Sands
  • Sleepless Nights
  • Terror From The Snow
  • Terra Swoop Force
  • The Crystal Tower
  • The Heist
  • The Last Of Us
  • The Sheeple Experience
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Under The Dome
  • 11 Ways to Die
  • 30 Ways to DieAlphagmg (talk) 12:48, August 4, 2016 (UTC)