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Thoughty2 is a British YouTuber who makes videos that are educational, yet entertaining, about various subjects such as disturbing, horror, diseases, people, creepy, conspiracies, history, space, surprising, life and the universe, and other random facts, in the forms of top lists of various numbers. He pronounces his channel name as "42" in a nod to The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy".


Thoughty2's style of videos are to combine showing his own face on camera with showing clips and/or images of the particular subject that he's discussing, and showing evidence about the facts that he's trying to teach us about.  Although he is educational, he does try to stay as entertaining as he possibly can in each of his videos.  

Video Types

  1. Conspiracy Theories
  2. History
  3. Space
  4. RIF(Random Interesting Facts)
  5. Creepy
  6. Surprising Facts About...
  7. Answers to Life's Biggest Questions

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