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Thoughty2 is a British YouTuber who makes videos that are educational, yet entertaining, about various subjects such as disturbing, horror, diseases, people, creepy, conspiracies, history, space, surprising, life and the universe, and other random facts, in the forms of top lists of various numbers. The YouTuber stated the "Back to the Future" and "Doctor Who?" series as one of his main inspirations to start his YouTube channel.


Thoughty2's style of videos are to combine showing his own face on camera with showing clips and/or images of the particular subject that he's discussing, and showing evidence about the facts that he's trying to teach us about.  Although he is educational, he does try to stay as entertaining as he possibly can in each of his videos. His YouTuber name, Thoughty2, is actually noted to be a pun on the meme that declares the "answer to life, the universe, and everything" as the number, "42." In his FAQ video about himself, Thoughty2 revealed his real name to be Arran. He stated that the name comes from the Isle of Arran in Scotland. Thoughty2 also noted that he likes to always dress in a suit while making his videos in order not to appear geeky, but to present himself in the best form that he could in front of his audience to ensure a super high-quality video. He stated he was into photography, and that his favorite drink was milk with tea, the latter jokingly saying that it was expectable of him because he is British. Thoughty2 stated he was in his 20's.

Video Types

  1. Conspiracy Theories
  2. History
  3. Space
  4. RIF(Random Interesting Facts)
  5. Creepy
  6. Surprising Facts About...
  7. Answers to Life's Biggest Questions