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Three Days Grace is a Canadian-American Alternative Metal Band formed in Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1992, starting with the name Groundswell.  In 2014 original frontman Adam Gontier left the band and was replaced by My Darkest Days frontman Matt Walst, the brother of basist Brad Walst.  Their Vevo page is where fans can find audio only videos, lyrics videos, music videos, live performances, interviews, and other random stuff about the band.  


Current members

Brad Walst—bass guitar(1997—present)

Neil Sanderson—drums, precussion, backing vocals, keyboards, programming(1997—present)

Barry Stock—lead guitar(2003—present)

Matt Walst—lead vocals, rhythm guitar(2013—present)

Former Members

Adam Gontier—lead vocals(1997–2013), rhythm guitar(2003–2013), and lead guitar(1997–2003)

Touring Members

Dani Rosenoer—keyboards, backing vocals, programming(2012—present)


  • Three Days Grace(2003)
  • One X(2006)
  • Life Starts Now(2009)
  • Transit of Venus(2012)
  • Human(2015)

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