Hello everyone, it's Agatha


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"Agatha" born (February 22, 1999 (1999-02-22) [age 18]), known on YouTube as threemilk (formerly threemilk T) makes Mukbang, ASMR, song covers, and "Autistic Things I Did Today" videos. Agatha created her channel October 12, 2014 although she did not upload her first video until August 2016, which she has since deleted. In October 2016 her channel was shared on the 4.chan board /r9k/. As a result her channel received a large influx of viewers, hateful and innapropriate comments, and male subscribers. She addressed this in her Response To 4.chan Bullying video (which she has since deleted) and deleted a video entitled MUKBANG - Korean pastries and drinks (with my friend Irene) as requested by Irene. Agatha's friend Elle has also been in some of her videos. On February 9, 2017 Agatha announced she would begin live streaming on Twitch on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-10 P.M. Central, Sundays at 10-12 A.M. Central, with the first stream on Valentine's Day. Her Thursday stream changed to 4-6 P.M. Central so she could take her dog Pam to training classes to become a therapy dog. In her live streams she does mukbang, plays the ukulele, plays the xylophone, sings, draws, and of course talks to her viewers. Although all the songs Agatha plays are covers, she is in the process of making her own album which she plans on releasing by the end of 2017.

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