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Dr. Philip Mason is a British scientist and YouTuber well-known for his videos on atheism and science on his channel Thunderf00t. He makes anti-theistic videos criticizing religions, such as Christianity and Islam, but now tends to make videos heavily critical of third-wave feminists.

Why do people laugh at creationists?

Thunderf00t may well be known for a ongoing video series titled "Why do people laugh at creationists?" where he disproves creationist claims with science.

Feminism versus FACTS

Another video series done by thunderf00t titled "Feminism versus facts" are videos refuting claims by Anita Sarkeesian (feministfrequency) stating that she misrepresents and intentional lies about games she's "played". Thunderf00t's videos on Anita have drawn a lot of negative attention from online feminists who have purported that Thunderf00t is the main cause of Sarkeesian's harassment. This has resulted in a series of personal attacks against him which include writing to his employer with accusations of Nazism.