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Timothy "Tim" Guy Paul Rowan Hautekiet (born October 15, 1991), known on YouTube as TimH078, is a British YouTuber, comedian and filmmaker.

Personal life

His mother is English, his father is from Belgium, thus he speaks Dutch, English and a bit of French (which he talks about in this video ). Some say he also speaks a little bit of German, which some (i.e. Christopher Bingham) would like to argue. He explains that the origin of his 'jumbled up accent' lies in the fact that his parents are from different countries, his mother being English and his father being Belgian. His father has appeared in some of his videos, among which is one installment of the Evolution of Music series. He also mentions herethat he has dyslexia. He went to high school in Belgium, then moved to England to pursue film at The University of Greenwich class of '13.


In an interview he said that he started making videos "just after Revenge of the Sith" around 2006, making videos with his brother fighting with light sabers. He first started making videos under the username TimBo0075, Timbo was a nickname his mother called him. On this channel he made fan trailers of Spider-man, he is often told that he looks like a mix of Drake Bell and Andrew Garfield who have both played some kind of rendition of Spider-Man. He then made videos on amazon entertainment with the guys from the evolution of music creating small "for fun" sketches.

Moving on to YouTube, Hautekiet's oldest currently public video was posted 2010 under the username TimH078, the numbers 078 have no significance. In March 25 of 2012 Tim was selected to be the new voice actor for Thomas Ridgewell's series Eddworld.

Tim's most popular videos are from his Evolution of music trilogy. He performed a special live version at Summer in the City 2012 with youtuber WillsOdyssey. Unfortunately Tim has no plan to turn it into a saga despite its success. He has moved on to focusing on creating films his newest project is a collaboration with Jack Howard , Ben Cook , and Tom Ridgewell

Another trilogy he made is the Leap Frog one, where he goes on about his obsession of playing leapfrog whenever he sees someone bending over, and consequently dramatically leaps over someone, complete with a slow-mo and dubstep.

He also has a second channel called MoreTimH