Timmylogo is a YouTuber that has 2500 subscribers, He Joined on 8th April 2016,  He make Minecraft Videos too and could be the maker of the fidget spinner movie he's working on. In October 11 2016 Timmy made Minecraft Episodes to start his Series of Minecraft Gameplay for the PS3. Call of Duty: Ghosts Gameplay PS3 was first made on November 23 2016. He started playing Video games in 2008/2009. NASCAR'14 PS3 Gameplay started at December 31 2016, He got that game in December 19 2016 He thinked. NASCAR'09 Was got on the ps3 on April or May or June 2017. Timmylogo started Call of Duty Black Ops II in August 12 2017

More Facts About His Gaming on Minecraft

He Played Minecraft for the First time in 2013

He got Minecraft PS3 Editon in 2014

Oisin and Rossagh (Toddler Rager)

in July 18 2017, The first ever Todder Rager video came up, WARNING: THERE VIDEOS ARE SKITS!!


The Years of his Xbox 360 and PS3

2008/2009 He played his Xbox 360 about a Car Racing Game, But in 2009/2010 His Xbox got broken but in 2010/2011 He got his PS3

Fidget Spinners

Timmylogo could be working on the fidget spinner movie, He has fun making fidget spinner videos, He has an awesome fidget spinner can light-up


Timmy used 2 Fails on A Scooter and 4 on a Skateboard.


Timmylogo did some vlogs as the balloon pop challenge, Bean Boozled and 1000 Degree Knife

WIN 20170712 090504

Timmy's Face


on August 16 2017, Timmylogo could got 5,000 Subscribers Up So Fast, He had no idea What was going on.

100 Subscribers November 13 2016

500 Subscribers December 21 2016

1,000 Subscribers January 4 2017

2,000 Subscribers Feburay 16 2017

2,500 Subscribers (Don't Know But 2017)

5,000 Subscribers

Funny Things He, Rossagh and Oisin Said

Timmy's Funny Things he said"Today, I will be playing nothing" "i'm going to rossagh that i'm going to add a bunch of creepers"

Rossagh's Funny Things "Creepers, They blow off my house" "i will die my ipod"

Oisin never said anything funny yet.

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