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TeenDrive365 Video Challenge DISS TRACK-ted Driving!

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TinyTurtles Tv is a YouTube channel composed of two base members Toby DeMoss and Elias Ritter. Originally a three-man show, Tim DeMoss left the trio due to tension and family problems. 


Tim was born on May 19, 1998 and started it out right. With the first words "canon t4i" it was impossible to dismiss his clear love for film making.

Elias, born on October 22, 1999 was slightly less enthusiastic. Eventually he came around and wrote a decent script that was the base for Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight".

Toby, Born in 2000, no one knows where he comes from or how he got there. He's commonly refered to as "The Black Plague" at work.

They made videos frequently as pre-teens, often making stop motion videos on Elias' webcam in his dad's office. Their video "Macho Antiques" was a smash hit with the parents and featured a shirtless Toby nagging the crap out of a weak mild mannered Elias. 


From there it all escalated into a beautiful blaze of glory. One video led to another and on August 14, 2014 the very first materpiece of all time "How to Paint" dropped. The rest is up to you.

Top 3 Viewed Videos
I Accidentally Suild A Shelf 20,932 views (as of 4/23/2017
"FLOW"  17,995 views (as of 4/23/2017)
Don't Wanna Know | PARODY  6,082 views (as of 4/23/2017)

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