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Tiranos Temblad (Tyrants Tremble), is a series produced in Uruguay, launched by Agustín Ferrando Trenchi in 2012. The channel has currently has more than 50,000 subscribers.


The channel started on 25 December 2012. The videos posted are weekly summaries of videos uploaded to Youtube, from Uruguay or with reference to Uruguay. The series was developed in Uruguay and is internationally registered. He has over 50 videos that last five to eight minutes.

The descriptive phrase is neutral with formal language. Among the most prominent segments lies: the riddle of the week, the ahhh moment of the week , the awkward moment of the week, the crack of the week, among others. The closure is made with the greeting Uruguayan film director Fernando Moreno. The collected YouTube videos are licensed under creative commons.

They work alongside Agustín Ferrando, Fernanda Montoro and Matthias Ferrando.

The series title refers to the National Anthem of Uruguay, in his verses: 

"... This gift sacrosanct glory, we deserved. Tyrants tremble! Tyrants tremble! Tyrants tremble! ..." 

National Anthem of Uruguay. 

The song that accompanies the series is "Uruguay" written by Aleksey Igudesman.

"Uruguay is the best country, better than France, and better than Paris". "Uruguay" by  Aleksey Igudesman.