Todd in the Shadows, or just Todd, is a music reviewer on YouTube who is also one of the more prominent members of Channel Awesome, previously known as ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.  His two primary series are Todd's Pop Song Reviews and One Hit Wonderland.  


Video Format

Every video depicts Todd sitting in a chair in a darkened room, with his side to the camera, wearing a gray hoodie that conceals his face.  This is why he's known as Todd in the Shadows.  At the start of every review he plays the piano rendition of the song he'll be talking about for several seconds before getting into the actual review itself.  


Main Series

Todd's Pop Song Reviews

The most frequent series on Todd's channel is Todd's Pop Song Reviews, where he reviews a recent hit song that appeared on the top 100 pop charts.  The genre isn't a major issue, as long as it's considered "popular music", although this is usually in the realm of Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, and other genres of those types.  In addition, they don't actually have to be a recently released song when he reviews them, only that they recently became a hit.  He'll typically do the review the same week that they became a hit so he doesn't risk waiting too long and them not being a hit anymore.  

One Hit Wonderland

A One Hit Wonder is a band or artist that's only ever hadone hit song, regardless of how many other songs that they may have had.  This is a series where Todd goes in depth with discussing the careers of such bands or artists.  The decade isn't an issue here.  He'll listen to wone hit wonders from the 50's, (or possibly before), 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's, or 2010's.  The following segments are used in his One Hit Wonderland videos, in this order:  Before the Hit, The Hit, Did They Do Anything Else?, and Did They Deserve Better?  

Other Series

Top Ten's

At the end of every year, Todd does his top ten best hit songs of the year and his top ten worst hit songs of the year.  Plus, he'll occasioanlly do top ten best hit songs and top ten worst hit songs of a randomly selected year of music history.  


This was Todd's primary side series, which has been discontinued as of October 2016.  This is where he would go into the filmography of popular singer & songwriter Madonna, and review her movies.  The only movie review segment on Todd's channel.  They were always negitive reviews, as he felt that Madonna was a terrible actress, director, and film writer.  The series was discontinued after he completely finished her filmography, but said that if she ever makes another movie again, which he sees highly unlikely, then he would briefly revive the series again.  



I'm a guy who listens to pop music.  

And since 2009, I've had an internet video series where I duscuss the most overplayed songs on the radio in-depth, under the name Todd in the Shadows.  I call myself that because I do this under the cover of a shadow while I play my piano.  

It's a silly gimmick.  But it's a silly show!  Youc an't sit and talk about Pitbull songs without being kind of goofy.  But in between the silly jokes, I like to think I provide an insightful and witty look into the music most people write off as disposable junk.  Because I don't hate pop music; I love pop music.  I love listening to it, writing about it, analyzing what each song means.  

So what specifically do you look at?  

I have two main shows:  the first is the one I started with, Todd's Pop Song Reviews, where I take one current smash hit song and take it apart, break it down line by line, see what parts work and what doesn't, and analyze where it fits within both current trends and the artis' body of work.  And I might liven this up with a bunch of jokes, perhaps by inuring myself in a comical way.  Ha ha!

The other main show is One Hit Wonderland, where I take a look at the full careers of bands and artists known for only one song.  This series is a trip through music history, as seen through the prism of a particular artist who only h ad one hit befoire fading from memory.  Why did they fail?  Who came along to replace them?  Were they any good?  Did they deserve better?  

Along with those I do quite a few specials along the way -- Top Tens and Bottom Tens at the end of every year, plus for randomly select years every so often; reviews of badly received pop star movie vehicles; vlogs of major musical events like the Grammy's; and whatever elses passes my fancy.  

Why should I give you my money?  

Because my show is awesome! And I've been giving it to you for free for years!

Also there are rewards! Pledge up to $10 to a video and you get your name in the credits.  Plus I'm planning some exclusives!  Perhaps some other things as I see fit!  Let's find out together!  

Tier Reward Goals

  1. 2$ or more per month
    1. Early Acess to Videos
  2. 10$ or more per video
    1. Your name in the credits!

Stretch Reward Goals

  1. 1,000 or more per month (REACHED)
    1. If I hit this milestone, I'll do another Top Ten List of a randomly chosen year of Billboard history.  


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