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One BritishIcon MaleIcon YouTuber

Thomas James Ridgewell (born June 27, 1990), known as TomSka, is a popular YouTuber. His main channel mainly focuses on him making sketches, most of the time he is joined with other YouTuber's.

TomSka is mainly known for the asdfmovie series. So far there are 9, not including the deleted scenes.  

He has 2 channels, his main one 'TomSka' has over 3,000,000 subscribers and over 530,000,000 video views. His second channel 'DarkSquidge' (mainly used for his weekly vlog 'Last Week' but there is the occasional Behind The Scenes work) has over 300,000 subscribers and over 27,000,000 video views.

TomSka is a British, Producer/Director, living in London. While making videos for YouTube, TomSka almost got kicked out of The University of Lincoln for posting a parody like advert of The University Of Lincoln because of its inappropriate content shown, but was forgiven when they saw the view count.

Tom started Youtube thanks to his late friend Edd Gould, creator of Eddsworld, and helped Tom create animations. Tom has denied being a Brony, yet he has released that he enjoys listening to Brony songs. He is also friends with the famous Brony song writer TheLivingTombstone and has created a small song with him.


  • Tom was originally going to be named Dudley.
  • Tom admitted that he has no gag-reflex.
  • Tom has also said he is great at trumpet impressions. It is even shown in asdfmovie 6.
  • Tom plays the bass guitar. He also plays left handed, as seen in Guitar Warfare.

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Tom was ranked 10th in this episode

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