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Danielle Mackey (born June 7, 1988), known on YouTube as Trade Chat (or Panser)  is an American gamer, game reviewer, vlogger and reality TV personality, known for her "Trade Chat" YouTube videos, which she produces under the name "Panser", and for her appearances on the reality TV shows The Tester and King of the Nerds. Since 2009 she worked full-time hosting her YouTube shows. She has tried out modeling doing a compeition for Maxim's "Gamer Girl" which she was a finalist.

Panser, has three YouTube channels: Random Panser, Panserchu and Trade Chat. She does a couple of YouTube shows on her channel like WoWhead Downtime Tuesday, Derpcraft and surrender@20. She is highly fond of games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft which she stated on King of the Nerds that she is in the top ranked guild in WoW. 

Reality TV

Panser tried out for King of the Nerds, filming her audition on May 2012. She uploaded her audition video onto her YouTube. 

She succeeded and was cast into the show. She was put on team 'Servants of The Forsaken Orb' and was considered high-strung by her fellow team mates and competitors. She has been betrayed by a friend she made on the show and in the end was placed in 3rd through-out the entire season.

On season 2 of the reality TV show Tester as War Princess tying for 5th place.

Personal life

Panser is from Rome, New York. According to her, she was in the top ten percent of her high school class. She dual majored in biology and chemistry at Utica College, but chose to not complete her degree, citing the stress of being a full-time student and holding down a full-time job.

King of the Nerds Casting Interview (Panser)

King of the Nerds Casting Interview (Panser)