The Try Not to Laugh challenge requires players to survive a series of funny YouTube clips (or 6 second Vines) without laughing.


The player needs to find a funny video or compilation of clips to react to. When doing this challenge, it is best to find clips that are specially designed to make you laugh.

Mobile or internet connection is also required in order to take part in this challenge.


  • The challenge can be played with more than one person. Players need to try to outlast their friends and family in order to win the challenge.
  • There have been many reactions to "Try Not to Laugh" compilations, which can be found on YouTube.
  • The player can also change the challenge to where they try to not laugh or smile.


Due to the popularity of "Try Not to Laugh", other "Try Not to" videos have been made such as "Try Not to Cry", "Try Not to Dance", "Try Not to Rap/Sing along", "Try Not to Cringe", and many others.