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Kyle McIlrath Adams known on YouTube as twelthofadime is a channel consists of his 3 college friends, Baxter, Ben, and Charlie. Damian Sanders-Baron occasionally makes cameo appearances in some videos as well.

Originally, twelthofadime was a spinoff from makemebad35's channel, as Kyle lived with Damian as college roomates.

The main show is 'Kyle Speaks' which originally contained a current news story told by Kyle, which are laden with his opinions and jokes, and were usually followed by two comedy sketches. The format changed to pure sketch after twelthofadime had been around for seven months, but then went back to the old format (but with one comedy sketch happening before the news story). In between these two periods was a short mini-series named by Kyle as The Super Internet Show.

The channel was started on the 29th of September 2006, with Kyle stating that "I would not have had a start [on YouTube] if it were not for Damian."


A still fram of Kyle from an early 'Kyle Speaks'

He abandoned his channel after his last video was uploaded on the 16th of May 2013, but continued on in he and Damian's channel Named Pwnageshow.

As of 2018, all of the videos of kyle's channel (with the exceptions of reuploads by other channels) have been taken down without explanation.

Adams is the younger brother of Rise Against vocalist Tim McIlrath.