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Tynamite, also known as Tyler, formerly known as AC3Follower and later ACFollower, is an Australian gaming YouTuber who produces content that mainly revolves around Ubisoft's flag-ship game franchise: Assassin's Creed. He co-hosts a podcast called the 'Kill Connor Club' alongside LazerzZ (James Welford).

He was also born in 1995.


Tyler is not known to share the majority of his background publicly, his surname is roothless, However, he does share little stories from his past in a segment of the 'Kill Connor Club' podcast known as 'Tyler's Tales', however, these tales don't tend to give us very much information about him.

However, we know he was born in 1995 and is Australian.


Tyler's videos are mainly about Assassin's Creed, though it is notable that he is a fan of other franchises such as Halo and Kingdom Hearts. He has made videos about Destiny in the past, as well.

The Kill Connor Club

The Kill Connor Club is a podcast that Tynamite co-hosts alongside LazerzZ. The podcast has had guests such as Loomer, SuperRebel & Victoria Atkin on in the past.


  • Tyler stands at approximately 6'0" tall
  • Tyler was born in 1995
  • Tyler lives in Melbourne, Australia
  • Tyler has blonde hair
  • Tyler's signature line is 'for sure relax'
  • Tyler frequently collaborates with LazerzZ
  • Tyler seems to like the colour purple.
  • Tynamite is a mix between Tyler's forename (Tyler), and the word 'dynamite'. This is confirmed by his profile picture which is a drawing of a person who looks like him with dynamite in his possession.
  • Tyler admires Batman and imitates him on his long running batman in AC series.