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What's up everybody, Typical Gamer here with your daily GTA 5 mod livestreams and more, and today for you guys I've got some more...

―Typical Gamer's Intro

Andre Rebolo, better known online as Typical Gamer, is a Canadian YouTuber well known for his Fortnite and GTA 5 videos and livestreams. He currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his girlfriend, Samara Redway.

Typical Gamer has over 7.2 million subscribers & over 1.5 billion video views.


Typical Gamer is a Youtube streamer who started with Red Dead Redemption in 2008. Later he jumped onto GTA 5 where he found success and crossed 1 Million Subscribers.

On November 17, 2014 Typical Gamer uploaded his most viewed video with over 14 million views He now plays games like Fortnite and is very successful in it.