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Lex Croucher is a female vlogger from Kingston upon Thames, England. She started YouTube in June 2010 with her first video 'I'm An Idiot '. This video was private until recently when Lex switched to public claiming that "It was only fair that you see how s***** my first vlog was." Many of Lex's first vlogs are still private.

Lex takes part in many causes; she is a vegan and believes strongly in animal rights, and is very outspoken on her opinion on important issues such as assault, harassment, and equality. 

Lex was previously active on her beauty & fashion channel GirlyAsHell but hasn't uploaded on that channel in 8 months. She also has a side channel, LexCanRoar which has also not been active in 7–8 months. Lex was also involved in the YouTube collaboration project Sarcaschicks along with OhItsJustKim , Bryarly Bishop, PotterMoosh and EverybodysTikken .


Lex often covers songs on her main channel but has released several original songs aswell. These include; Milk (2009), Tiny Kingdoms (2009), Teeth (2010), Sick! (2010), Debt (2011), A Lullaby (2012),S***** (2012) and I Found It (2014). All her music is availiable for download on Lex's Bandcamp

Personal life

Lex chooses to keep the majority of her personal life off the internet.

She was previously in a relationship with fellow YouTuber KickThePJ