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{{YouTuber |Twitter = UKF |Facebook = ukfdubstep |other media = Soundcloud |join date = April 29, 2009|subscribers = 5.8 Million+ |status = Active

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SKisM & LAXX - Hostile (Eptic Remix) (Official Video)

SKisM & LAXX - Hostile (Eptic Remix) (Official Video)

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Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)

Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)

|image = EHBjYmFkMTI= o foreign-beggars---solace-one-ft-black-sun-empire-datsik-.jpg |style = Music |username = UKFDubstep |update = 2–3 Videos Weekly |caption = Luke Hood, The Founder Of UKF | vids = 886+ UKF is a brand owned by Luke Hood and AEI Media that focuses on sharing all aspects of Electronic music. UKF Music was created by Luke Hood, who began sharing bass music through his original two YouTube Channels, UKF Drum & Bass and UKF Dubstep in 2009. On 28 June 2012, UKF celebrated one billion YouTube views since its creation.[1] The UKF brand now has five YouTube Channels: UKF Music, UKF Dubstep, UKF Drum & Bass, UKF Mixes, and UKF Live. UKF has expanded beyond its YouTube Channels to creating compilation series and podcasts, organizing events, offering merchandise as well as its own ticketing platform.


Luke Hood created UKF on YouTube to share music with friends while studying at Frome Community College in 2009.As his subscriber base began to grow, he started to focus on the music channels and expanding the UKF brand. UKF never paid for advertising, relying on its subscribers to share the music through various social media sites. The brand has since sold half of its ownership to AEI Media and plans to take advantage of YouTube's live streaming function to broadcast their events that now occur throughout Europe and North America. As of December 2012, Luke Hood is still the managing director at UKF.

The name UKF stands for United Kingdom and Frome, Luke Hood's hometown.

Luke Hood and UKF have been featured in several music magazines as well as entrepreneurial news platforms. In January 2012 Your Hidden Potential, a UK-based platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, named Luke Hood one of the top 20 young entrepreneurs to watch, stating that "there is lots of scope to grow and he already has the subscribers".[5] At the 2012 Red Bull Elektropedia Awards in Belgium, UKF took home the award for 'Best Really Big Party', and an award for Visual Iconography for both of their sell out shows in Belgium.

List Of Subscriber Milestones

UKF Dubstep Hit 1 Million Subscribers On November 26, 2011.

UKF Dubstep Hit 2 Million Subscribers On December 9, 2012.

UKF Dubstep Hit 3 Million Subscribers On March 10, 2013.

UKF Dubstep Hit 4 Million Subscribers On June 10, 2013.

UKF Dubstep Hit 5 Million Subscribers On November 24, 2013.

List Of Video View Milestones

UKF Dubstep Hit 1 Billion Video Views On April 7, 2013.

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