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UNREALMONSTER was a YouTuber who uploaded a virtual video from internet, Then in 2011 his channel got popular, because of a virtual video. He never review his face. At the start of his channel, He just uploaded 3 videos of him self playing a shooting game. After in 2011, He uploaded his first virtual video, Which made people think is it real or fake. All other of his videos arent popular, Just the first virtual video.

Scary Maze Game Video (Plot)

A man was playing a video game called: Scary Maze, And becoming scared of a image which pops up when you touch the wall. When he touchurd the wall in the game, He started screaming, and peed his self. A lot of people are saying that its real and some that its fake. The video becomed a Internet phenomenon. The real video was really made in May 21, 2006. The video has 11+ Milion views.

Quotes From Scary Maze Video

  • This Maze Is So Hard
  • Why ? Why Did You Did That ?
  • Its Not Funny At All !

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