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Buddy aka "UberHaxorBuddy" started on YouTube in March 2012. The name "UberHaxorBova" was the original name of the channel and himself for the past 4 years before he started his YouTube channel. Buddy started his YouTube channel for just making Minecraft videos. Later on when his channel got bigger though out couple of months he started to make variety of other gameplay videos. In 2013, Buddy started to do gameplay commentary with his friends, Slayer and Blueskull815. In later of 2013, Buddy and his friends started a gameplay commentary group called, "Angry VideoGamers, LLC". Also in later of 2013, Buddy signed up for partnership directly to YouTube and got rejected. Buddy tried his best to get partnered by all the MCN on YouTube and they all rejected him for partnership. On August 2013, Buddy signed up for partnership with Awesomeness TV Network and Buddy final got accepted. When Buddy got accepted, his very popular Happy Wheels episode got featured on Awesomeness TV's gaming channel and his subscriber count grew every week since that video. He uploads his content on YouTube every 3 videos/a week. Buddy also made other accounts for other video-sharing websites just to spread his content to other sites. Other than YouTube, Buddy also uploads his gameplay content to Dailymotion and Metacafe. On Dailymotion, Buddy signed up for partnership and he also got accepted. Now, Buddy is an official content creator on Dailymotion. Buddy is making $600/a week on YouTube and $300/a week on Dailymotion. Buddy loves what he does for a living and he loves the support he gets through out these years and he hope that he will get more support later on in his internet career. He loves making money on what he loves but he also love making everybody happy when they watch his content. Keep it up and he will keep going.


My Rage STOOOP!!!

My Rage STOOOP!!!

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Kevin's videos went viral when he made his first Happy Wheels video in March 25 when the actual channel was created.

Kevin sign up for the YouTube Partner Program and he got accepted on September 15 of 2012.