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Hello everybody, this is your boy Uberhikari, aka the Nerd, here to bring you another video with no frills, just the analysis.


Al-Zamar Mckinny, better known as Uberhikari is an online reviewer and ranter who is known for reviewing anime and manga episodes and chapters, tv show episodes, as well as ranting on specific human rights issues.  He also has a live stream known as the Cloud Village, which includes him and many other reviewers chatting for several hours about whatever they feel like.  Uberhikari, over the years, has received a lot of criticism for his honest and harsh opinions, some people calling him an arrogant dick, which he always denies, saying that  he's just "confident" and leaving it at that.  


His username is a combination of two words from two different languages. The first word "Uber" is German which means over or super. Hikiari is Japanese which means light.

Good Friends on YouTube

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  2. Zorofanboy124
  3. adamagreen
  4. RealmBreakers
  5. MangaMiyn
  6. Otaku ASSEMBLE (Larry)
  7. Zipblockglory
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  10. AnimeRick (Rick)
  11. TheInsaneGameFreak (Terrell)
  12. Bankai922
  13. GameOnCloud9


  1. Naruto Manga Chapter Reviews
  2. Hunter x Hunter Anime Episode Reviews
  3. The Walking Dead Episode Reviews
  4. Game of Thrones Episode Reviews
  5. Political Discussions
  6. Attack on Titan Anime Episode Reviews
  7. 12 Days of Anime
  8. Art of Storytelling Series
  9. The Legend of Korra Episode Reviews
  10. Anime Monthly
  11. Manga Monthly
  12. Anime and Manga Discussions
  13. Underappriciated Anime/Manga Characters
  14. Best Anime/Manga Characters
  15. Tron:  Uprising Videos
  16. Rurouni Kenshin Videos
  17. Shamen King Videos
  18. Avengers:  Earth Mightiest Heroes Episode Reviews
  19. F——ck You & Thank You Discussions
  20. Sparticus Vengeance Episode Reviews

Cloud Village Livestreams


"Hello everybody, this is your boy, Uberhikari, aka the Nerd Nigga, here to bring you another video with no frills, just the analysis."—Beginning of every video.  

"This was your boy, Uberhikari, aka the Nerd Nigga, just brought you another video with no frills and just the analysis, peace and have a bless day."—End of every video.  

"I don't care about your opinions, I care about your arguments."—Personal motto when reviewing.


  • He is 5'3 and weighs 110 LBS
  • Dated Cardi B as a teenager
  • Always cuddles after sex

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