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Kevin Cook or Uncle Dane or simply just called "Dane", is an American youtuber who resides in Citrus Heights, California. He is most well known for being a Engineer main in the multiplayer game Team Fortress 2.


Dane's videos are mostly about Team Fortress 2 where he plays as an Engineer, sometimes live and sometimes not. Some of his videos include tutorials on how to be a better Engineer, dealing with spies, discussions about different weapons and short montages.

MVM with Youtubers

Dane also has a mini-series revolving around the Mann vs Machine gamemode where he plays MVM along with other youtubers, which are also his friends in real life. So far, he has done 3 MVM with Youtubers. He finally completed a wave on part 3, which was also a Halloween special wave 666. He has also done other videos with youtubers like King Raja, ScottJAw, Grizzly Berry, Array Seven, MrPaladin and Muselk.

Subscriber Milestones

So far, Uncle Dane has made milestone videos when he hit 10,000, 50,000100,000 subscribers.

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