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Kate Stacy (born October , 2000 (2000-10-00) [age 16]), known by her YouTube persona UndeniablyKate, is an American YouTuber who makes LGBTQ+ (more specifically transgender) educational videos. Although the focus of her videos is the informative aspect, she is known for her bubbly and upbeat personality.

UndeniablyKate is commonly referred to as a transgender activist.


Previously making weekly vlogs about numerous topics such as tags and challenges, UndeniablyKate remained a quiet YouTuber, having only a few hundred subscribers.

On January 29, 2015, UndeniablyKate uploaded an educational video depicting the difference between sex and gender titled "Sex ≠ Gender". This video sparked moderate attention, in turn changing the direction of her channel focus.

On October 28, 2015, UndeniablyKate uploaded a video titled "I Am Transgender", where she discussed her gender identity as a transgender woman. She gained much attention for her maturity and outspokenness, quickly receiving a currently growing audience. Since this posting, she has weekly posted a mixture of educational videos, tags, music, and vlogs.

UndeniablyKate has also posted song covers of Ellie Goulding's "Your Song", Lady Gaga's "Till it Happens to You", and recently in honor of those lost in the Orlando Pulse shooting, A Great Big World's "Say Something".


UndeniablyKate currently remains as an un-collaborative YouTuber, only having collabed with YouTuber TheOfficialBizbee.


  • Kate has many popular phrases, such as, "stay undeniably awesome" and "heeeeellllllloooo everyone, my name is Kate also known as UndeniablyKate *whilst brushing hand across the frame*".
  • Kate currently has three channels: UndeniablyKate (main channel), UndeniableGamer (gaming channel), and DeniablyKate (bonus channel).
  • Kate usually shortens her name to "UK" when written on watermarks and logos (including her Thursday videos being previously called "UKThursday").
  • Kate posts once a week on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday.

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