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Kate [last name not specified] (born October , 2000 (2000-10-00) [age 17]), known by her YouTube persona UndeniablyKate, is an American YouTuber who makes LGBTQ+ (more specifically transgender) educational videos. Although the focus of her videos is the informative aspect, she is known for her bubbly and upbeat personality.

UndeniablyKate is commonly referred to as a transgender activist.


Previously making weekly vlogs about numerous topics such as tags and challenges, UndeniablyKate remained a quiet YouTuber, having only a few hundred subscribers.

On January 29, 2015, UndeniablyKate uploaded an educational video depicting the difference between sex and gender titled "Sex ≠ Gender". This video sparked moderate attention, in turn changing the direction of her channel focus.

On October 28, 2015, UndeniablyKate uploaded a video titled "I Am Transgender", where she discussed her gender identity as a transgender woman. She gained much attention for her maturity and outspokenness, quickly receiving a currently growing audience. Since this posting, she has weekly posted a mixture of educational videos, tags, music, and vlogs.

UndeniablyKate has also posted a song cover of Ellie Goulding's "Your Song".

UndeniablyKate has since taken a hiatus from YouTube following her newest uploading in September of 2016.


UndeniablyKate currently remains as an un-collaborative YouTuber.


  • Kate has many popular phrases, such as, "stay undeniably awesome" and "heeeeellllllloooo everyone, my name is Kate also known as UndeniablyKate *whilst brushing hand across the frame*".
  • Kate currently has two channels: UndeniablyKate (main channel) and DeniablyKate (bonus channel).
  • Kate usually shortens her name to "UK" when written on watermarks and logos (including her Thursday videos being previously called "UKThursday").
  • Kate posts once a week on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday.