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Hey Moron! Fucking Moron!

―, Undoomed's famous line

Undoomed is an American YouTuber who is known for his Slender Man avatar. He's a YouTuber who is a known critic of modern feminism while also tackling similiar topics such as social justice and even non-sjw and non-feminist topics such as religion, politics, conspiracy theories, and science.


Undoomed is a YouTuber who divides his series into various sections but are all labeled "This is Your Brain on____" and they cover the various topics that the videos he's making fun of are centered around.

This is your brain on Feminism

Undoomed's most prominent and popular series, the series focuses entirely on debunking the claims made by feminists by showing the video and cutting off whenever Undoomed shows a stat to disprove one of their points. The series is the most popular series and has jumped him into fame.

This is your brain on Social Justice

His second most popular series, This is your brain on Social Justice focuses on videos made by social justice warriors which range from being similiar to the feminist videos he does to the videos promoting outright racism and censorship.

This is your brain on Religion

Another series, Undoomed mainly focuses on religious fundimentalists in this series and goes after them for their fanaticism, zealotry, and overall bigotry. He's gone after people like Brian Fysher of the American Family Association and a known radical internet preacher.

This is your brain on Conspiracy Theories

His fourth series and minor in comparison to the others, Undoomed focuses on conspiracy theories and often points out the overall ridiculous nature of them.


Despite being a recent YouTuber, Undoomed has been praised and his videos are given universal positive reception by audiences. He's praised of his witty humor, snarkiness, and his special effects and visuals which many people have pointed out that they like it and especially love the various intros he has. Due to all of this, Undoomed has assembled over 250,000 subscirbers over the course of one year.