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Alfredo Kndraski, Mostly known as Urugayolnocherente, Is a Urguay Vlogger and video editor.


  • People know him as: Uru, Uru Incoherente, Uruguayo Incoherente or El Incoherente.
  • He is a popular Uruguayan Youtuber  and across the world.
  • He was born in Uruguay but he lives in Toronto Canada almost 13 years already.
  • He currently has over 13,000 subscribers but that number continues to grow with each passing day.
  • UruguayoIncoherente has two YouTube channels:
  • His main channel is UruguayoIncoherente
  • and his second channel is ElVideoRespuesta
  • He uploads once a week every Tuesday, bringing great entertainment in both languages Spanish and English and he does videos with his mannequin Jack The Mannequin.


  • First Youtube Logo in 2010
  • Youtube Logo in 2011
  • Youtube logo 2012
  • Youtube logo in 2013
  • 2016 Logo