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  • I live in The land of dank memes, where I enjoy getting high everyday
  • My occupation is Making shitty wiki pages on my shitty wiki
  • I am a helisexual
  • Helicopter1738


    June 28, 2017 by Helicopter1738

    RIP Stefan Karl

    A true meme master.

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  • Helicopter1738

    Christian Burns is an arrogant, egotistic Instagram model twat who thinks he can treat us less famous people (or as he calls us, "peasants") like shit, despite him only having 24K followers on Instagram, 11K on Twitter and literally only 90 subscribers on YouTube. At VidCon 2017, he told a security guard that he should be crucified and shit cos he was a bit more well-known. But, with the help of Dolan Dark, the security guard has twice as many followers as Christian within 24 hours. So his ego hopefully has been taken down a notch.

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