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    Sad news everybody!

    February 7, 2015 by Kevin08015

    Ive been delaying this blog for quite some time becuase i just wanted to see if i could still be able to stay on here. The sad news is that im not going to be able to be an active bureaucrat on here anymore. the combination of my job and my daughter are really taking up a lot of my time and with the recent hard times my family has been going through i dont think ill be able to be on here as often as i use to. Im not saying i will be gone forever, i will be coming on here every once in a blue moon to check out things and ill be able to find out how things are through my friend Purzyckij that is on this wiki. 

    I would like to make a few announcements before i go:

    1) Your new Bureaucrat is going to be Purzyckij. He was the person who introduced…

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  • Kevin08015

    As stated in my last blog, there will be an increase of subscription requirement  sometime in 2015. Im thinking it will be sometime before the summer. The amount will most likely end up increasing to 500 Subscribers.

    You might be thinking why such an increase from 100. Well their are new rules on YouTube that say you can only have a custom URL name if you have 500 or more subscribers. So it would make sense to match them since it is required to have a Custom URL for the User Template. What do you guys think? leave comments for feedback on this decision

    thats all for this Blog see you in the next one

    Kevin08015 (talk)

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  • Kevin08015

    A new year means change. which means the wiki will be adding a few things. (all things said are found in the rules of the wiki page if needed). First things first i am adding more required subscribers to be on the wiki. i know a lot of people will be aganist this but it has to happen due to the growth of YouTube. it isnt much for now, The now requriement is 100 Subscribers and probably by mid way through next year it will go up again. we cant be having channels on this wiki that 1. dont make videos on here that have low subscribers and 2. have people with low subscribers just trying to whore their channel out on here (i hate to say that word but its true). another thing is that if you are going to add a channel, i dont care if it has 20 mi…

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  • Kevin08015

    During the YouTube Wikia Awards 2014 64 votes were cast. Also note that some people didnt not vote in some of the categories and that is why some of the numbers are low

    Favorite Vlogger: Danisnotonfire with 6 votes. Second place was a 4 was tie with 3 votes a piece (Zoella, Tyler Oakley, Shane Dawson & MoreTDM)

    Favorite Musician: Pentatonix with 5 votes. Second place goes to Lindsey Sterling with 4 votes

    Favorite Duo: Smosh with 13 votes. Second place goes to Rhett & Link with 11 votes

    Favorite Group: Our 2nd Life with 10 votes. Second place goes to The Creature Hub with 4 votes

    Favorite Male YouTuber: Danisnotonfire (Second WIn) with 8 votes. Second place goes to SHane Dawson with 5 votes.

    Favorite Female YouTuber: Zoella with 6 votes. Second p…

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  • Kevin08015

    Hey guys its a bit early but here is the first ever YouTube Wiki Awards.

    Just wanted to let you know that you WILL need a Gmail account in order to vote.

    voting will be over on December 1st and results will be posted on December 3rd.

    The link is below. Thanks for participating!!

    Let Me know how the voting was and if i should have added more categories and which ones. maybe if we do this again next year ill add them

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