Ive been delaying this blog for quite some time becuase i just wanted to see if i could still be able to stay on here. The sad news is that im not going to be able to be an active bureaucrat on here anymore. the combination of my job and my daughter are really taking up a lot of my time and with the recent hard times my family has been going through i dont think ill be able to be on here as often as i use to. Im not saying i will be gone forever, i will be coming on here every once in a blue moon to check out things and ill be able to find out how things are through my friend Purzyckij that is on this wiki. 

I would like to make a few announcements before i go:

1) Your new Bureaucrat is going to be Purzyckij. He was the person who introduced me to this site back in 2012, although he didnt make an account until 2013. He knew with me being an active YouTuber at the time i would love it and i did. My friend is just as in love with YouTube as i am and he will be a great Bureaucrat on this site.

2) Even thought it Unnoffically was active, the 500 or more subscribers will Officiallly be added (I know its already been added to the rules). This rule is in effect for all pages that have been on here, regardless if its 5 years old or just newly made.

3) since Purzyckij is moving up that means i will be promoting someone to an admin. we have 3 right now (Gamermadness, UltraNeko3000 & Vonn Karma) the last one im going to be adding is HoneyCandiez, you have been doing a great job on here and you deserve it. 

I had an amzing time on here with all of you guys and i hope to come and visit every once an a while and also make videos on YouTube. well until next time PEACE

Kevin08015 (talk)

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