A new year means change. which means the wiki will be adding a few things. (all things said are found in the rules of the wiki page if needed). First things first i am adding more required subscribers to be on the wiki. i know a lot of people will be aganist this but it has to happen due to the growth of YouTube. it isnt much for now, The now requriement is 100 Subscribers and probably by mid way through next year it will go up again. we cant be having channels on this wiki that 1. dont make videos on here that have low subscribers and 2. have people with low subscribers just trying to whore their channel out on here (i hate to say that word but its true). another thing is that if you are going to add a channel, i dont care if it has 20 million subscribers, you have to add information when you first add it. No "this is a work in progress will update as the days go by", YOU MUST ADD ONE PARAGRAPH OF INFORMATION WHEN YOU FIRST ADD IT. it has been in the rules since they were created and if it continues i might remove the rule that says "you have 24 hours to add information or it will be deleted" to just "if it has little to no information it will automatically be deleted". Last thing please dont add unneeded categories to pages, i have a guidline to which ones can be added. Im constantly deleting ones we dont use everytime im on here and its getting a bit annoying.

Im sorry if im being mean or cruel to you guys but im trying to make this a better wiki for the people who are actively on here everyday or every other day editing. 

Well thats it for now and as always thank you for all that edit and try to make this a better wiki to be at. im might even promote one more person to an admin next year (We will see how it goes)

Bye for now

Kevin08015 (talk)

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