• Kyleighdoseminecraft

    minecraft is a world full of blocks. i know what your thinkin borin but it isnt, it a time to let all your awsomest out you can make a minecraft house or go to the nether, mine or craft, butter or squid? ( BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  the first thing you do in minecraft  is punch a tree!!! if i didt read your mind the first time i can guess what your thinkin now kyleigh, why do you puch a tree that is just stuiped. well you need the wood to bulid a craftin tabe that is 1 out of the 3 things you need heers the craftin resipes.


    coblestone all in the nine squars then take the middle one out and it will pop up.

    chest just like the furrneast but insteed woodend planks.

    i think evey one should play minecraft well at lest once if they dont like it…

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