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  • Lofangas

    Hey guys! I am deeply sorry for being on and off for long periods of time, but here I am again! I had the idea of promoting new or less recognized YouTubers on WikiTubia. I have many reasons listed below:

    1. Makes people want to visit and see their "votes", giving the Wiki more views. 2. Even more views if you consider that some will upload videos about this! 3. Encourages conversation among YouTubers. 4. more edits as a requirement will be to have your own WikiTUbia page, to a certain standard. 5. More blog posts for promoting!

    This is how I think it should be run:


    1. You must have your own Wikitubia article, up to a good standard.
    2. Must have made at least 15 edits and 2 blog posts.
    3. Have uploaded at least 3 videos.

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  • Lofangas

    Today I created the YouTube Channel Directory so it will be easier for you to find a YouTuber of your choice! You can add your channel to the directory for free! All you need is a Wikitubia page of your channel! eg. Mine

    Come on! It's another way to promote your channel for free! Also you can find YouTubers in the same genre as yours! Click Here To Add Your Channel To The Directory Now!

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  • Lofangas

    Now that PewDiePie has ruled the Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of all Time loss for as long as the weekly lists go for, it looks like he might be up there for quite a while. How long do you think he will be number one?

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  • Lofangas

    I'm sure you've heard of PewDiePie, Most subbed youtuber on youtube. As it seems, it looks like he rules WikiTubia Video! What makes me thnk that? He currently has Four videos on the front Most Trending page! The most viewed video on WikiTubia is his, and by 2000+ views! His controversial I'm Sorry video has 140+ views and it's not even been two days yet! Some of my videos uploaded 4+ months ago to YouTube haven't passed 150! I know WikiTubia is small but to be that popular is incredible. What do you think?

    140 views= Top 125 (27% of all videos on WikiTubia he 0 views.)

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  • Lofangas

    Since the first vide on WikiTubia was uploaded two years ago, let's look at the good, the bad and the ugly!

    -The first video is now private, it had only 3 views. :(

    -More than 1200 videos have been uploaded to WikiaTubia. That's a rate of 600 videos every year!

    -332 videos, or 27% of all videos on WikiTubia, have 0 views.

    -To be in the top 75% of videos, you need one view!

    -To be in the top 200(or top 17%) you only need 60 views!

    -To be in the top 100(or top 9%) you only need 213 views!

    -The most viewed video on WikiTubia is:

    Comment what you think of these stats!

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