Hey guys! I am deeply sorry for being on and off for long periods of time, but here I am again! I had the idea of promoting new or less recognized YouTubers on WikiTubia. I have many reasons listed below:

1. Makes people want to visit and see their "votes", giving the Wiki more views. 2. Even more views if you consider that some will upload videos about this! 3. Encourages conversation among YouTubers. 4. more edits as a requirement will be to have your own WikiTUbia page, to a certain standard. 5. More blog posts for promoting!

This is how I think it should be run:


  1. You must have your own Wikitubia article, up to a good standard.
  2. Must have made at least 15 edits and 2 blog posts.
  3. Have uploaded at least 3 videos.
  4. Under 2500 subs.

How it Will Work

Polls will go for ??? days

  Round 1: 4 polls with 20 YouTubers in total. 2 will progress from each poll.
  Round 2: 2 polls with 8 YouTubers in total. 2 will progress.
  Final: 1 poll with 4 YouTubers in total. First Second Third will be decided!

What do you think?

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