Since the first vide on WikiTubia was uploaded two years ago, let's look at the good, the bad and the ugly!

-The first video is now private, it had only 3 views. :(

-More than 1200 videos have been uploaded to WikiaTubia. That's a rate of 600 videos every year!

-332 videos, or 27% of all videos on WikiTubia, have 0 views.

-To be in the top 75% of videos, you need one view!

-To be in the top 200(or top 17%) you only need 60 views!

-To be in the top 100(or top 9%) you only need 213 views!

-The most viewed video on WikiTubia is:

DRAW MY LIFE - PewDiePie06:07


PewDiePie's Draw My Life video, with almost 4,500 views since being uploaded One Year ago.

Comment what you think of these stats!

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