Welcome to my YouTube Wiki page my name is MJSiebolt and I have been a YouTuber since July 2009 and am now over 1,000 videos in 5 different YouTube Channels along with the companion Vimeo Channel also under MJSiebolt. I have been an avid lover of saving family memories to video each and every time that I can. I saw my first video camera in 1993 and it held a VHS Tape and we were able to watch back our first recorded Christmas (well.. with sound) After hunting down all of the videos that I can of my family I came acrosed some 8mm films from my dad's family that my Uncle Willem converted to DVD and I found my first Christmas on it 1979 ( )

I have been hooked on keeping the History of the Dykstra Family ( ) safe and sound for Lilly and Ivy to enjoy with their kids ( ) You can find me and my family online in many different places but if you start at MJSiebolt's Social Media Links You Will Find The Rest of The Dykstra Family .

If you really want a more categorized and organized look at all of the videos that I have done for myself, family & clients take a look at my website and you can search by category, and by date as well as there is an embedded google search just for

If you want to know more about Matthew Dykstra the man behind MJSiebolt please take a look at

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