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  • Purzyckij

    Hi all,

    a few years ago we had what were called elmination polls. Pretty much, 20 YouTubers are put into a poll and the person with the most or least (depending which one i feel like doing) votes will be Eliminated after a certain amount of time (usually a day or two). this will go until one person is left; it kinda like survivor (but not really). Starting in June, we will be taking a break from Hall of Fame Polls and do this a couple more times. 

    Please submit YouTubers for the elimination Poll in the comments. Here is a list of the people we have already used:

    Elimination Poll 1 Participants (Eliminated Order): Annoying Orange, PewDiePie, JennaMarbles, Shane (Shane Dawson's Daily Vlog Channel, YouTube Channel, HeyYoShanna, JoeyGraceffa, Epiā€¦

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  • Purzyckij

    If you created a YouTube channel when Google+ was merged with YouTube, it likely that you have URL name similar to something like this: (note: im not singling this person out, im just using this as an example of the URL that is used)

    so if you want to change it to something more easy to remember just follow these simple steps:

    Go to your YouTube settings. you will see overview.

    In overview go to account information and you will see advance under the email you have for your account. click the advance button.

    You will then see something asking you to create custom URL.

    If you are having trouble following my instructions, here is a video on how to do it. Video is by ThatTechChannel

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