Hi all,

a few years ago we had what were called elmination polls. Pretty much, 20 YouTubers are put into a poll and the person with the most or least (depending which one i feel like doing) votes will be Eliminated after a certain amount of time (usually a day or two). this will go until one person is left; it kinda like survivor (but not really). Starting in June, we will be taking a break from Hall of Fame Polls and do this a couple more times. 

Please submit YouTubers for the elimination Poll in the comments. Here is a list of the people we have already used:

Elimination Poll 1 Participants (Eliminated Order): Annoying Orange, PewDiePie, JennaMarbles, Shane (Shane Dawson's Daily Vlog Channel, YouTube Channel, HeyYoShanna, JoeyGraceffa, EpicMealTime, IanH, TheLonelyIsland, KevJumba, BartBarker, Jacksgap, Epic Rap Battles of History. WINNER: Vsauce

Elimination Poll 2 Participants (Eliminated Order): Shane Dawson TV, ShutupCartoons, nigahiga, BarelyPolitical, ShayCarl, SXePhil, CommunityChannel, ItsKingsleyBitch, Strawburry17, HolaSoyGerman, ChadWildClay, Freddiew, TheComputerNerd01, OfficialNerdCubed. WINNER: TheFineBros

The Gamer Elimination Poll Participants (Eliminated Order): SmoshGames, KermitPlaysMinecraft, SkyDoesMinecraft, CaptainSparklez, TobyGames, JoeyGraceffaGames, MunchingOrange, KSIOlajidebt, ZexyZek, StacyPlays, ClosetYeti, BlueXephos, HuskyMUDKIPZ, CavemanFilms, JeromeASF, AntVenom, MincraftUniverse, SetoSocerer, Deadlox. WINNER: BajanCanadian

Elimination Poll 4 Participants (Eliminated Order): ADoseofBuckley, Tobuscus, StampyLongHead, UberHaxorNova, Criken2, VenturianTale, Sawyer Hartman, Markipiler, Tyler Oakley, SeaNanners, Household Hacker, RyansAverageLife, ChuggaaConroy, SlyFoxHound, TotallySketch, AnnaAkana, TeddieFIlms, BlackNerdComedy. WINNER: ASkylitAvenue

Elimation Poll 5 Participants (Eliminated Order): IJustine, LisaNova, GayGod, VenetianPrincess, Bo Burham, TheWineKone, LonelyGirl15, Barats&Bereta, Brookers, ArtieTSMITW, COBALTGRUV, CinemaFreaks, NQTV, Boh3m3, JudsonLaippy, DigitalFlimMaker, MadV, Blunty3000, Geriatric1927 WINNER: Jawed