• TheEliteSoldier10184

    TheEliteSoldier also know as Joseph Tembo is a young 11 year old gamer who records minecraft videos. He is partnered with Machinima and Freedom. He was born in Zimbabwe, Africa on July 1, 2002. He grew up in New York and New Jersey. He uploades Tutorials mainly along with Top Minecraft Songs/Parodys. He Is an Animator and a 3d and 2d Desginer. He Records with mainly his friends and his brother. He currently has 400+ Subscribers and over 20,000 life time views. His Youtube friends are DerzMC, SupportMan62, Alora Tembo, and Snake Venom Z. There are rumors that he have been seen on American Idol and made it to the semi-finnals. He had made 3 Minecraft Animations which have over 1 Million Views each. He has a Second channel (DaEliteSoldier1018…

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