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William Walsh, better known as uxwbill on YouTube, is an American YouTuber who uploads a variety of videos, usually involving cars, computers, electronics, cooking, and more. uxwbill is known for his strong skillset of cars, computers and other electronics. 

Personal Life

Uxwbill lives in an undisclosed location in Illinois, with his parents and brothers. His brothers' YouTube accounts are TheKeyKeeper , bizarrefurhead , and college153 .

His main interests are computers, cars, electronics new and old, building things, amateur video production, food preparation and music. Many of his skills concerning computers and electronics are a result of self-teaching.

He never did well in school but got through it. He attended a local community college shortly after high school, but never had plans to get a degree in any particular field. Recently, it has been said that he is currently attending community college again for HVAC classes.

Previously, he worked as a IT administrator at a financial institution. The company he worked for is no more and he was laid off at the end of 2012. He is a freelance computer consultant and has been since 1995. 

He has never been in a relationship with anyone because he enjoys doing his own thing on his own schedule and feels the world is "oversexed". Contrary to popular assumption, he is a quiet person with few friends and somewhat jokingly claims to have "lots of obnoxious opinions".

Live Stream

Uxwbill occasionally hosts a live stream show named "Don't Watch This" on Vaughn Live  and Ustream.

The first episode of "Don't Watch This" began airing sometime in 2011 as he was inspired to do by his friend, known as "weasel2htm" and a childhood interest of being a radio DJ. The stream is aired from what is known as the "Fortress of Amplitude" which is located in the basement of uxwbill's house. It consists of older equipment obtained from the secondhand market and items picked up from the curb. 

Don't Watch This is partnered with the satircal Stereo Dust Particles network and is mostly aired at random times and is rarely scheduled or announced.