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Whatever that happens, live your life like it's the last day, like ever! Everyday of your life. Just, think powerful. Be powerful. And don't give up!

―Vailoc, in his video "TALKING ABOUT MY DISEASE"

Vailoc or Zafer Necipoglu (previously known as malcolm1466), is a Turkish YouTuber who currently has 150,000+ subscribers. He has created videos since March 2016.


Vailoc is a vlogger and a gamer who once was malcolm1466; an old account of Vailoc which he used to attack PewDiePie.

Vailoc can't walk. He announced that he was disabled at that time which is the reason why he uses a wheelchair.

He has since specified in his video, "TALKING ABOUT MY DISEASE", that he is affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a muscular weakness disorder more common in males than females.

Vailoc - PewDiePie War

After rising tensions between PewDiePie and the Anti-Bro coalition, Vailoc declared war against The Bro Army but lost the war because Vailoc was outnumbered. An armistice was declared later on between the two belligerents including The Bro Army and Vailoc himself.

When times had passed, Vailoc decided to continue the war for the sake of his fame and popularity by making a new channel and thus,the channel Vailoc was born. He decided to continue his job of being a hater of PewDiePie in YouTube until he finally revealed the truth for which he was doing it only for attention and regrets after all of the raid done by PewDiePie's fans.

The Fall of the First Empire

The truth

The truth

Vailoc has uploaded "the truth" in which he explains what he really thinks of PewDiePie. He has proven that the "PewDiePie sucks!" video was fake. He only wanted attention from other people.

He was manipulated by cyberbullies such as TigerForeverZurxer and EVIL CRASH BANDICOOT which inspired him to do the same thing they do to gain popularity in YouTube but ended up being a joke.

The Rise of the Second Empire (Contemporary History)

Vailoc is gaining more and more power in YouTube. He currently has 157k subscribers. The empire is becoming stronger than it's former glory.