Vailskibum94 is an American YouTuber and vlogger. His channel's content is mostly about cartoon theories, updates, reviews, memes and parodies. He also has a second channel, Vailskibum Stories and More where he talks about interesting stories in his life and random memes, and a vlogging channel with his friends called AdventureTube. His personal life is completely unknown; his real name and residence has yet to be revealed (his Twitter claims he lives in "Gravity Falls"), though a YouTube account called Mountaindude246 claims to be his older brother.

Vailskibum originally started out as a 'theorist' of the hit Disney animated series Gravity Falls, a show known for hiding secrets and codes for fans to decipher. His videos switched from text to audio by 2014, and he became the leader of YouTube's Gravity Falls community. After the show ended in 2016, Vailskibum focused on other cartoons.

First Channel

Before he created Vailskibum94, Vail had a club penguin channel called eaglefan246, which mainly had club penguin shorts and movies.


Vail has recieved a lot of criticisms from fellow YouTubers due to how his videos are being claimed misleading, short and of bad quality. Specificially a YouTuber named Avis Reviews created an hour long "channel analysis" where he makes several points on why he believes Vail's channel is bad.