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Vange1us is the YouTube account of Chris Ho (Also goes by the name Vangelus, an Internet Personality.) He is a member of the YouTube Partner Program. Other than his popular Vangelus Reviews videos, Vange1us also posts semi-regular Vlogs, the most common of these being vlogs covering the Canadian Transformers Convention called "TFCon". He also plays the titular character infacecaptain's series The Milk Daddy.


Chris Ho is as well a Transformers fan who participated in BotCon 2008's BotCon Idol voice acting contest, and eventually won the role of TransTech Shockwave for the "Bee in the City" script reading. At BotCon 2011 he voiced Ironfist, Rattletrap,Breakdown and the Autotroopers, filling in for an ill Jack Angel. He is also known as Internet Personality Vangelus (spelled Vange1us on Youtube), and hosts the WTF@TFW Transformers podcast on which he is his favorite character.