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Dennis Vareide (born April 25, 1990 (1990-04-25) [age 28]) is a Norwegian animator and gamer. Together with his friend Preben Fjell he makes gaming commentary in Norwegian under the name PrebzOgDennis.

Personal Life

Dennis Mikal Vareide was born in Harstad, Norway. He lived in Alta until he started in first grade in Bamble. His love for video making started when he was little. He and his younger brother Ruben and some friends used too animate videos.

After His father died in 2009, Dennis began at Jeløy Folkehøyskole to be a teacher. And there he met Preben Fjell (AKA Prebz). They become good friends and liked to play video games together. When he was at Jeløy he made the Minecraft trailer and the trailer grew fast. Then he came to the conclution to stop at Jeløy and start with YouTube. He used the Vareide channel sometimes but wanted to do it in Norwegian. So he called Preben and asked him to join. Preben joined Dennis and together they Made PrebzOgDennis.

After some time, Ruben Vareide joined PrebzOgDennis as an editor and animator. And the brand new team mate to PrebzOgDennis is Sondre Mogård, A friend of Dennis and Ruben.

PrebzOgDennis is one of the most subscribed Norwegian YouTube channels.