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Jason Viohni (born September 12, 1992 (1992-09-12) [age 25]), is a British YouTuber known online as VeeOneEye, a spin on his surname. He famed for having an abundance of dreaded hair.

Personal Life

Jason was born at Northampton General Hospital. He lived in a small cottage in Yardley Hastings until he was about 6 years old. He then left England and moved to Carmel, a place in Wales.

Six months later he moved to another location. In 2009 Jason became depressed and would isolate himself in his room for months at a time. He would starve himself, and self-harm. It lasted almost 2 years, and as a result, he lost a lot of friends. At the age of 17.

Jason left school and went straight to his first full-time job where he was house-keeper in a hotel. In the start of spring 2012, he moved out of his home in Wales and got a place in the south of London. After he moved he started to make more videos; that's when he began to grow an audience.

YouTube Carrier

Jason originally created his YouTube channel to entertain his Facebook friends. He would usually get topless and dance around his room.

Sexual Allegations

Around the time of the Sam Pepper sexual abuse allegations, Jason was accused of raping an intoxicated 15-year-old female, Ania Magliano-Wright (aniamags). He published a private video entitled "Tonight" (which can still be found here) on the 27th responding to these allegations and stating they are true and that he is very sorry about all that occurred. There have since been many other reported allegations and YouTube is in the process of considering what actions to take.

As of 2015, no actions has been taken and it seems the whole thing has been left in the past to be forgotten. It appears that Jason left his YouTube carrier because he fears that more allegations against him will get brought up on the scene.


  • Before the name VeeOneEye, Jason's YouTube name was Random Baggins.
  • Jason has 7 sisters and 3 brothers; that equals 11 kids including himself. One of his sisters, Helena Emily Viohni, has been dubbed his "identical twin" due to their similar appearances and fondness for sporting unique hairstyles (see here).
  • Jason was asked to leave home by his parents after an incident that occurred when he was 19.
  • His birth sign is Virgo.
  • Jason has a tattoo on his left wrist of his username for most of his websites. There's a long story on Instagram about it that you can see right here. He also has a tattoo on his right arm that says: Remember why you're alive. The story about it is on YouTube here, and Instagram here. He has several other tattoos making up a half sleeve on his right forearm, which he got on his travels
  • Around 2008 Jason joined a band with some of his friends, but they soon broke up because they all had different music tastes.
  • One time he walked in on an old man changing in front of the television.
  • After he quit his first full-time job, Jason started working at home. He would gather up information to build websites.
  • He now runs a store called Fractals, where he sells crystal necklaces and harem pants, which he bleaches himself
  • Jason's most viewed video is Truth Or Dare that he did with Marina that you can watch here.
  • Jason doesn't know what's in-store for him but he hopes to continue making videos for a long time.
  • Jason has a second channel, which he uses more frequently than Veeoneeye, for travel vlogging. The username from that channel is VeeTwoEye
  • Jason went on Vans Warped Tour 2014 along with other YouTubers, such as DeeFizzy and Bryan Stars. He met many fans and was given a large number of bracelets and Monster.
  • He has stated that all of his bracelets are partly to cover his self-harm scars. Instead of seeing the scars (sadness), he would see all of the colors of the bracelets (happiness) and in turn, cheer himself up.
  • Jason's favorite band is Blink-182
  • He has a second Instagram where he posts pictures from his camera roll. @veeonepew
  • Jason's Best Friend is Drew Gilchrist
  • Jason is a vegan, and was raw vegan for a time, which you can read about [[1]]