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Viga aka Viga Loves, who created her channel back in 2012, is a female anime YouTuber, does the show The Idols of Anime. Its about every idol anime that exists. She also plays herself on the youtube show Atop The Fourth Wall.


Back in 2007 she started talking about anime on her podcast The Otagal, that ended in 2010. She is a panelist at several conventions and was featured panelist at Otakon 2015 and 2016.

Her content outside of anime was the show Viga Loves Comics, which focused on indie comics.

They also created comics and fanart through the years as seen on her art tumblr Vigasartroom.


Normal Episodes

1.Sasurai no Taiyou
   2.Pink Lady and Sue Cat
   3.Magical Angel Creamy Mami (and other 80s Studio Pierrot Magic Idol Singer shows)
   4.Legendary Idol Eriko and Assemble Insert
   5.Idol Tenshi Yokoso Yoko and Kimama ni Idol
   6.Idol Defense Force Hummingbird
   7.Chou Kuse ni Narisou
   8.Idol Project, Kidnapp'n Idol, and Birth ~ Debut
   9.Perfect Blue
   10.Magical Stage Fancy Lala and Kira Kira Melody Gakuen
   11.Chance Pop Session
   12.Full Moon o Sagashite
   13.Wandaba Style
   14.Lovedol and Lemon Angel Project
   15.Kirarin Revolution
   16.Introduction to The Idolmaster, and The Idolmaster: Live For You (OVA)
   17.Hime Chen Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri
   18.Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream
   19.Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future
   20.The Idolmaster
   21.Uta No Prince Sama

Special Episodes

   Special 1: Idol Sister (hentai)


The Idols of Anime is mostly about the history of each show and how it correlates to the real life Japanese idols. It can be reseatch heavy, but she adds humor, reviews and rants as well. Idols of Anime use voice over, but she can be seen on camera in other shows.

The Idols of Anime Part 19 - Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future

The Idols of Anime Part 19 - Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future

An example of the research heavy show