Fernando "Virux" Guillen (born February 3, 1998 (1998-02-03) [age 20]) is a Salvadorian, US-based, YouTube content creator & video editor.


Before Fernando began creating content and making YouTube videos, he was a skateboarder, film enthusiast and video-game lover. YouTube was already a part of his life, as he spent countless hours watching skateboarding videos such as Best Of Rodney Mullen and like everyone else, using the platform as a music source. He did have early ideas and plans on making skateboarding & Tech Deck films, but never got around to it. The first video ever uploaded on his original channel Im Virux, was called "Fernando's Clone," which was a clone effect test on Final Cut Pro 6, where he meets a version of himself on a skateboard, and another one just standing and greeting him. This was just a few months before he began his true passion in creating content on the YouTube platform.

YouTube Career

Fernando's YouTube career began in late 2009. After watching countless game collecting & technology videos by people like PeteDorr & thecreativeone, he decided he wanted to make a YouTube channel of his own. Inspired by "thecreativeone," he made his first official video on his "Im Virux" channel, otherwise known as "Christmas Wishlist 2009."