Darius (January 3, 1997 (1997-01-03) [age 21]) known as Vorikx is an American YouTuber from Texas


Darius in San Antonio, Texas, stating that over the 20 years he's lived there, it's gotten quite boring to him and he plans to live somewhere else in the future. He has 2 siblings, one being a younger brother and one being a younger sister. He has created many YouTube channels in the past, uploading various types of videos ranging from gaming, to skits, to randomness. He refers to himself as DAT BOI


As Vorikx is his primary channel where he uploads gaming and skit videos, he also has another channel, VorikxLevelUp. He's stated thats he's stopped uploading this channel, because he felt that reaction videos were too much of a sellout and he didn't enjoy them as much. On his main, and only active channel at the moment, he consistently uploads videos very similar to FaZe Jev, in which he plays a game and just talks about life, situations, and recent things that have happened. 

Aside from making videos, he also streams on YouTube where he gets to interact with his viewers in real time.