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Fictional Worlds are Amazing.


Jake Roper (born January 25, 1987 (1987-01-25) [age 31]),is the host of Vsauce3, which focuses primarily on fictional worlds, as well as video games.the channel features six recurring segments, such as; MindBlow, GameLÜT, DONG, App All Knight, 9bit and Fact Surgery. It is mostly about fictional worlds and video games. Jake Roper presents shows like App All Knight and Game LUT (videogame-related LUT).



Jake discusses how video games are connected to real life as well as the science in the games.

Game LÜT

Jake shows video game merchandise.

DONG (things you can Do Online Now, Guys)

Jake shows many interesting webpages that are online.

App All Knight

Jake features new apps that are on the App Store or Google Play.


Jake features gaming facts.

Fact Surgery

Jake dis-assembles a video game system and gives trivia on that video game system.